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Workers' Woodcut 1976

Culture Revolution Worker Artist Woodblock Prints

This series of woodblock prints made by the worker artists of the No.2 Car Manufacturing Plant in early 1976. As the main force in the revolutionary cause, the working class is always supported to play an important role in the fields of literature and art by Mao Zedong. Especially in the Culture Revolution, all the professional artists have to give way to the amateur worker, farmer and soldier artists in the art creation.
Obliviously this group of art works survived by chance as all the propaganda art works should be got rid of in 1980’s. Lucky as we are, the simple wood carving and strong political message feeds our eyes today with the beauty of people’s art. The time of culture revolution should never come back again. but the artifacts from that time need to be preserved for the education of the coming generations as they were cultivated by tears and blood. May people’s art live for ever.

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