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(A).Adrien Brody,the American movie star visits Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center recently
(B).In the morniong of Feb.15, CSS group of Consular Spouses Shanghai came to visit our museum.The particiants are the wives of the consuls general in Shanghai. Participating in this event will be Slovakia, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia, Austria, Kasachstan, USA, Estonia, Uruguay, Serbia, Hungary, Sweden, Argentina, Malaysia, Italy, India, Cuba, Bulgaria (with CG) and Germany.
(C).Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center will have an exhibiton at Lui Haisu Art Museum from May 23 to 30.You are welcome to attend the opening at 2:30 PM of May 23. Each guest will receive a exhbition catalogue over 200 pages.
(D).Sylvie Bermann,French Ambassador to China,visited Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center on May 16 with French Consul in Shanghai,Emmanuel Lenain.
(E).Dutch new ambassador to China,Mr.Aart Jocobi,visited Shanghai PropagandaPoster Art Centeron Aug.18.2012.
(F).About 20 Shanghai Lady posters from our collection are displayed now at Chinese Art Museum,Shanghai for one year from Oct.2012. 中 华 艺 术 宮 ,海 上 生 明 月 展览 。 At the same time,three lectures on poster art will be given by Yang Pei Ming,the director of Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centor.
(G).On April 8,2013,the Partener of Australian Prime Mister and Helena Carr,the wife of Australian Foreign Mister came to visit PPAC with the Shanghai C ity Government host. 澳大 利 亚 总 理 男 友 和 外 交 部 长 夫 人 于 2013年 4月 8曰 来 我 館参 覌 。
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